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2 Pudding Row

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karoArt was born spontaneously. Karolina Grudniewska, who invents and
makes pieces, discovered ceramics almost by accident. It all began one
Christmas when she found two bags of clay under the Xmas Tree... and
once she started playing with it she could not stop...

Karolina aka Karo entered creative path in late 90s. She attended
workshops at Faculty of Graphic Arts at Art Academy in Poland for two
years but she never took the exams to apply for the Academy...She
studied English to become a teacher instead and in 2003 she received a BA in English.

When Karo arrived in Ireland the following year the creative side took
over again. She joined a team of designer florists working for one of the hotels in Dublin. But soon after she felt an urge for more challenge
again and following her passion for the visual side of life she wanted to
explore colour form and texture in practice. Karo went back to college and
studied Interior Architecture. In 2009 she was awarded a BA in Interior
Architecture (with Distinction) from Griffith College Dublin. Soon after
she established GIBKA i.e. green interiors by karo – freelance interior
design services focusing on eco-friendly design solutions.

karoArt ceramics started around the same time.

Karodesigns sculptural, decorative tiles, evoking simple, repetitive
patterns, mainly inspired by organic life. She also makes more
functional items such as unique sewing buttons and jewellery pieces
characterised by natural, organic look.

All pieces are made by hand from start to finish.

The packaging, cards and tags used by Karo are either made of recycled
materials or are made of things reused, re-purposed, rescued to serve
this function.

karoArt ceramics can be described as simple, bold and quirky at times.

Commission work and custom orders are very welcome.

Contact details:

Portfolio: www.karoart.eu

Interiors: www.gibka.ie


Phone: +353 (0) 85 703 92 45