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2 Pudding Row

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Daiva's Textiles

Creating something unique has been always a big pleasure to me. I always have been into different type of creativity: home interior and decoration, creative sewing, surface-design. Beauty of nature around me, travelling and memorising, taking photographs is always a leading inspiration - and most importantly, a love of art. Back in my birth country Lithuania, I have been working in the art world for more than a decade. After moving to Ireland, (where I live now), I completed my MA in ‘History of Art and Architecture’ at the University of Limerick. This has been very beneficial, as I understood how much that knowledge and devotion of art means to me and inspires me in my life. Also, I would like to believe that my work reflects that inspiration. I have been always appreciating hand made crafts and gilding qualities. Though it is hard to imagine our world of today without manufacturing, yet, I truly hope, and feel that lovingly made handcrafts will be always appreciated and loved.

I myself have always had affection for shawls, which I feel it gives a type of romantic feeling when worn. I create my shawls so that one will wear them and give a garment a unique look. Materials I use differ, but I love to work with light linen as it is great material for shawls and scarf’s, and medium linen for top-sleeves. Linen has been very popular in Ireland according to fellow craftspeople, and I believe it will be for many years. However, I work with different fabrics like organza, felt, and other fabrics. I do like style eclectic and combining fabrics, such as linen with organza and felt gives my work a unique style. Every piece I make is unique, embellished with print, appliqué, or painted by hand.

I love to come up with some new ideas and I am updating periodically with my new samples.


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