Blaze And Sparkle

My work is characterized by bold design: I draw inspiration from my environment, both natural and urban; and I strive to make my work unique, yet wearable and timeless. I love colour and texture, and incorporate these qualities in my work through the use of coloured enamels, interesting and unusual precious stones, and texturing and engraving the metal I use. I also incorporate natural found objects such as sea-glass, driftwood and shells that I have collected on my travels. I like my work to be symbolic, and use particular stones and design details to give it deeper meaning.

I studied jewellery design and making for two years in London, have furthered my education with a number of jewellery courses in Ireland, and I am continually extending my knowledge through self-study and experimentation. I make all of my non-beaded jewellery from scratch, and also make a select range of beaded jewellery using my own hand-made silver beads, as well as natural and untreated, rough stones. Where possible I use ethically sourced goods, both from the raw jewellery materials to my packaging.

I also do bespoke commissions: I am happy to work with my customers to create highly personal designs, and can tailor my work flexibly to fit most budgets.

Blaze and Sparkle Putting the oollery in jewellery!

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