Deirdre Griffin

Glass Fusion is the art of melting glass on glass. I became interested in this by accident! What I wanted to do was Stained Glass. There were no classes available, only Fusion and the minute I tried it I knew this was it. The glass has to be specially prepared to withstand the heat of a kiln. The temperature for fusing is around 1500-1600° Fahrenheit. First you prepare the glass. This involves cutting and moulding it to the shape you want, then applying the design with an assortment of different types & texture: frit (fine cut shards), noodles (very thin strips), powder, and of course the sheet glass which is the background to everything. Then the glass is placed in the kiln and fired. It takes about two hours to bring it up to fusing temperature and about ten hours for it to cooldown and be ready to handle. The final step is finishing the product by sanding down any rough edges and if it’s jewellery attaching the links and chains.

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